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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Far-Right Celebrate Finsbury Park Attack On Facebook & YouTube And Their Vile Videos Aren't Taken Down

The American, who goes by the name ‘Jermania’, posted the video on Google’s YouTube website. In the clip, he said: ‘Greetings comrades, I am so happy right now. It’s turning out to be a wonderful Father’s Day.

‘I think the English have finally grown some balls and a white man, possibly – can’t say for sure yet – but someone has driven a van into a bunch of Muslims who were leaving a mosque. I think they [the English] finally ****ing hit back, and you know this is going to kick it off right here … about ****ing time. Well done.’

Google removed the video, saying ‘this kind of content has no place on YouTube’ and that it is ‘working with government, law enforcement and civil society groups to tackle the problem of violent extremism online’.

But it left dozens of other videos by the white supremacist, including others filmed in front of a Nazi flag. Some videos on YouTube even claimed the attack was fake.

One alleged the Grenfell Tower fire was also ‘100 per cent staged’.

Extremists branded the Finsbury Park killer a ‘top man’ on the Facebook page of far-Right group Britain First. Under a video entitled ‘Finsbury Park mosque terror attack – who is the suspected terrorist?’, a far-Right fanatic commented that ‘he is a b****y hero’.

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