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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Whistle Blowing: Nigerian Man Comes For Politicians (Comic Video)

Oh dear! OMG!! Lol, I’m sure some of you have seen this video, but I am just seeing it. Someone sent me this on whatsapp and I said, NOOO this is too hilariously true, I can’t see this alone, my fam (blog readers) must also see this. Noo, I shouldn’t be selfish, it’s deep/damn hilarious. ‘Aswear’, and the language he used, don’t know if it’s Ekiti (mi o ti e mo), but damnnnnnnnn dude is so funny, he needs to go into comedy. He will make a million DOLLAR. Lol. Please watch the video. Hahaha…

Hello Politicianssssss….

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