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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Just In! Lady With Staph Aureus Cries Out For Help

Hello Ladun..Good morning, my name is (names removed), am I'm sure you are doing great? I've been an ardent reader of your blog for years now and I really love what you do.

I have been battling Staph Aureus since Oct/Nov 2013. Pls i'll love you to post my health challenge on your  blog...thank you & God bless.

Hello a 23 yr old lady needing urgent help cos I have been so sick of Staph Aureus since Oct/Nov 2013. Back then, when I went to the hospital and was newly tested of Staph Aureus, I  was given antibiotics and i treated it but it came back.Through out the following year 2014, it kept re-occurring even after treating it with antibiotics. ‎

I have even gone for deliverance thinking it's a spiritual problem 5 good times, 5 different churches through out 2015 but I wasn't healed even with all my faith and believe. I have large pimples on my face, I'm suffering hair loss, itching ears, movement in my body, burning sensation, electric shock, odd vaginal discharge, short menstration, hand or leg pain etc. Continue...

‎I started working out and eating right at the beginning of 2016 cos I was getting fat and I noticed the symptoms reduced tremendously!

Towards the end of 2016, I went online on Nigerian websites/blogs ‎to read more about Staph Aureus (MRSA) and most doctors claim antibiotics does not cure staph but herbal treats it permanently.

I bought a drug from a staph doctor who sells his therapy for 15k this january. I drank it for 2-3weeks and I saw changes but it later came back.

I have come across many herbal drugs online and in the market, from YemKem to Greenworld to Chinese herbal drugs. They all claim their drug permanently cures staph...but am  so confused, I don't know which to go with  cos I don't want it to re-occur!

Staph has damaged my self esteem cos of the pimples I have on my face. Am so sick of tired of using photoshop to hide my pimples. I'm emotionally drained and sick and sad on the inside. I've spent alot. I menstrate one day and am sure it means I have infertlilty issues, I want to permenently treat this before getting married.

Pls who has suffered Staph Aureus and treated it successfully? Can anyone refer me to any company that legit sell drugs that cures re-occuring  staph that has stayed long in the body?  And the phone number to reach them on? And what lifestyle, eating habits, personal hygiene etc did you adopt???

Please guys... I don't want to die! help a sister! Honest answers.  ‎Thanks as you respond. Have a nice day y'all!

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