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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Graphic Photos: Ghanaian Man Butchers Mother Of His Children For DARING To Leave Their Abusive Marriage

Oh dear! A man in Ghana has murdered the mother of his children for daring to walk out of their abusive marriage. The lady was said to have moved to her aunt’s place, but her man wasn't pleased with it. He tried to get her back, but she said it was over due to the abusive. He then went to her aunt’s place where he butchered her.

She was then rushed to the hospital by neighbors, but unfortunately, she gave up on the way. The man has been arrested.The pictures are so UNBELIEVABLE. You will ask if it is more than marriage. Even bible permits us to be separated, you won’t just remarry, ki lo wa de (what is it?). The gory photos below…

Photos here, here and here

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