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Friday, 19 May 2017

Burna Boy’s Camp FIRES BACK, His US Tour Not Interrupted

From his camp;

Burna Boy fans and the general public are hereby informed that Burna’s current US tour and all
upcoming shows are going forward as scheduled and that any website or article containing information to the contrary is patently false and misleading.

Vibesland Entertainment, LLC, Burna’s former promoter, has initiated a misinformation campaign
designed to mislead the public about recent court proceedings in the New York federal and state
courts. In a recent press release Vibesland has dishonestly represented that it has received an injunction barring Burna from playing his upcoming shows.

There is no such injunction or court order, and it is a matter of public record that all attempts made by Vibesland to prevent Burna from performing his upcoming Outside Tour shows has been unequivocally rejected by the courts.

On May 5, 2017, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York swiftly denied
Vibesland’s application for an emergency injunction and dismissed his Complaint for lack of subject
matter jurisdiction, but not before the Chief United States District Judge, Dora L. Irizarry went out
of her way to condemn the tactics of the vexatious promoter for trying to stop Burna on the eve of
his performances.

Vibesland, in an apparent second bite at the apple, sought to enjoin the next three concerts on Burna
Boy’s U.S. Outside Tour, this time bringing its claims in the New York Supreme Court in Brooklyn
where Vibesland failed, yet again, to disrupt Burna’s tour when Vibesland’s second application for a
temporary restraining order was summarily denied.

To date, Burna Boy has successfully defended against two frivolous Temporary Restraining Order
applications filed by Vibesland Entertainment, LLC. Burna’s shows scheduled for D.C. on May
19th, Dallas on May 20th, and Chicago on May 21st are proceeding as scheduled.

The orders of New York State Supreme Court Justice Donald S. Kurtz, dated May 17, 2017 and that
of the Eastern District of New York Chief United States District Judge Dora L. Irizarry, dated May 5,
2017 are available on request.

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