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Monday, 17 April 2017

Do You Know Ladies Are seriously Crushing On Uncle Dino?

Hehehe, but no jokes. You know Uncle Dino has been posting more photos than ever on IG and his followers have increased, even we, we have been forced to follow him, since he will be a source of great news for us, since he now updates his IG page per minute.

Back to the gist, under some of his posts, especially the flashy ones, ladies go underneath to comment calling him their crush and so on.

A curious us, always go ahead to see the profile of the commenter and it always turns out to be a beautiful QUEEN. We sometimes say to ourselves, wait! people now crush on people like this openly and they don't even keep their IG pages private? Nigerians have stepped up.

And so as we were bringing you news of Uncle Dino in church and his charity works, we saw another comment (above), a very pretty lady with a JOB. She actually advertises her job on her page. Dino posted a photo of Saturday's attack, touched by it she left the comment. 'how would they do this to my crush'.

Now, you know we shouldn't be bothered about this crush thing, cus it's mostly believed only call girls say things like that openly under a man's page, or girls seeking attention.

But when hardworking girls, CEOs say this, and it's not one or two? And the trend has continued...
And they even leave their pages opened not minding people seeing their faces, Then we should be WORRIED. Lol. Abi anybody knows why this has come to be?

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